But I Could Never Go Vegan!

Apart from my personal circumstances at the time, the main reason I didn’t succeed when I tried to become vegan 19 years ago was because I didn’t have any support, or know where to find any. Thankfully, there has since been an explosion in the number of websites, blogs, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, books, restaurants and vegan events.

Below I share some amazing online resources that may help you on your own journey:

FREE Support through websites / email


Veganuary is a registered charity which aims to inspire people to try a vegan lifestyle for a month. Their website is packed full of information and resources including a vegan starter kit, guides on where and how to eat out, as well as recipes.

You can sign up to their 31 day vegan pledge where they will send you: ‘daily emails containing delicious recipes, meal plans and helpful tips, such as where to get your nutrients and how to stock your cupboards. And you’ll be the first to hear about appeals, vegan news and exciting offers!’

Forks over Knives

If you haven’t watched the film, then take a look at my blog post ‘Top Documentaries to Watch’ and watch the Forks over Knives trailer. If you are interested in a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle, the Forks over Knives website has a great section on recipes.


Viva! is a registered charity, campaigning to stop animal cruelty and harm to animals, and there is a dedicated section of the website which provides absolutely loads of information on going vegan.

You can sign up for the 30 day vegan meal plan and / or the ‘lazy cook’s alternative to the regular plan’ where you will receive: ‘delicious vegan recipes, vegan meal plans, plus info on vegan nutrition, health and inspiration’.

They also have a recipe club website which is jam-packed full of recipes, and you can filter your options according to dietary needs, difficulty, recipe type – or search by specific ingredients / key words. In addition, this amazing charity also runs a website dedicated to vegan health to help inform health professionals and the public.

Vegan Society

The Vegan Society was founded by Donald Watson way back in 1944, and it was he who first coined the word ‘vegan’, by combining the first three and last two letters of the word vegetarian – I thought that was pretty neat!

The lifestyle section of the website has information on nutrition and health as well as recipes for main meals, quick and easy dishes, and meals on a budget.

You can sign up for their 30 day vegan pledge where you will: ‘receive advice on all aspects of a vegan diet, including lots of healthy and easy recipes to try out’.

FREE Support on Facebook

Challenge 22+

Challenge 22+ is a Facebook Page where you can sign up to receive free recipes and personal guidance from mentors and clinical dieticians during a 22 day vegan challenge.

According to their website, they currently have more than 200 mentors from around the world, and their registered dieticians specialise in vegan nutrition for ‘all stages of life (including pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, children, athletes and more).’

Regional Facebook Groups

I’ve found regional Facebook groups to be invaluable in finding out about what’s happening locally and for advice and recommendations on where to eat, as well as local offers and events. Joining these groups gave me a real sense of community and invaluable support. Many of these groups also run vegan ‘meetups’, where you can meet new people and enjoy great vegan food in your area.

The Veganuary website provides a list of vegan social groups on Facebook for the UK and Ireland, including the group’s Meetup page (if they have one).

Buying vegan products

There are some fantastic Facebook pages dedicated to providing support on what to buy and where to shop, as well offers on vegan products (just search for them on Facebook under groups). Group members post vegan products they have bought or found in shops and supermarkets, and you can ask questions and ask for advice about products you are unsure of.

As I’m UK based, my favourites are 100% Vegan Products UK  and Vegan Supermarket Finds UK.

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